Eileen Rochford, CEO

Eileen is responsible for the strategic planning for all our clients. Since its inception in 2003, Eileen has put together and led a handpicked team of accomplished communication and PR professionals that work throughout the United States. She brings twenty-one years of corporate communications experience providing high value results to large, global agencies. She currently oversees our education, finance, and nonprofit clients and has worked with companies in the professional services, insurance, fiberglass, trucking, paint and chemicals, retail, and packaged foods industries. Prior to forming The Harbinger Group, Eileen served as the Vice President of Ketchum Public Relations in Chicago. Originally hired to help create Ketchum’s corporate practice in 1997, Eileen helped build the Chicago department into a multi-millions dollar practice over her seven years at the agency. Her specialties include business-to-business communications, corporate brand strategy development, media relations, public affairs, and issues management. Over the course of her career, she’s run five marathons while raising her son and daughter. 

To contact, please reach out to Eileen at eileenr@theharbingergroup.com.